Nama Dwaar Newsletter – September 2020

Farewell and Prayer Satsangs by Sri Ramanujamji and Sri Ramaswamyji

Sri Ramanujamji landed in the USA in the beginning of February 2020. For the first month and a half, he traveled around the USA visiting devotees in various cities, enlivening their lives with Sri Swamiji’s inspiring message and his association.

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If only I had…

This is a sure recipe for personal disaster. Even if the intention is noble, these words and thoughts lead one to sorrow and inaction.

One should not lament for not having things that are presently beyond one’s reach. When you see someone superior to you in health, wealth or wisdom what can you do? Feel happy.

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Namadwaar E-Satsang YouTube Channel

Our freshly organized “Namadwaar E-Satsang” YouTube Channel hosts the videos of all the live lecture series presented by Sri Ramanujamji and Sri Ramaswamyji in North America from March to September 2020.

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Varaha Avatar

Beautiful illustration and story of Varaha Avatar contributed by Gopa Kuteeram students in California

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Cherished Memoirs 88

My Guru As I See Him

This series chronicles interesting experiences recounted by the devotees of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji and divine experiences/words of Sri Swamiji.

People of the world long for so many things. But Sri Swamiji yearns only for love.  He also often says that love is the foundation of Krishna Bhakthi. A beautiful incident from the life of a devotee who was showered with this love of Sri Swamiji.

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Brahma Stuthi – Part 1

The 10th canto in Srimad Bhagavatam is known as “Ashrayam” or “refuge” for Lord Krishna’s devotees for it talks about the Lord’s incarnation and his sweet lilas on this Earth. Sri Swamiji has written beautiful kirtans on these various lilas of Lord Krishna. So, in this series, we will relish those lilas of Lord Krishna through Sri Swamiji’s kirtans.

This month, we shall enjoy the Brahma stuthi

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Indian Women Saints

Sister Nivedita

This month’s quiz is based on a women saints from India

How much do you know about sister Nivedita?

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News of the Month (Aug – Sept 2020)

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