Pandharpur Bhaktas Quiz Series 5 – Kanhopatra, Chokamela and Raka

1. Who was Kanhopatra’s mother?
A. Shyama
B. Radhe
C. Sachi Devi

2. Kanhopatra was a dancer by profession. Which king invited her to perform in his court?
A. King of Mithila
B. King of Badar
C. King of Rajasthan

3. Where did Kanhopatra request the guards to halt enroute to the King’s palace?
A. Near Ganges
B. Pandarpur to have darshan of Lord Panduranga
C. Ayodhya

4. What happened when Kanhopatra had the darshan of Lord Panduranga?
A. She fainted and fell down
B. Lord Panduranga spoke to her in a divine voice [ashariri]
C. Her spirit rose from her body and merged with the lord

5. What happened in the place where Kanhopatra was buried?
A. Sandal wood scent filled the air in and around the place where she was buried
B. One can hear the chanting of the divine names of the lord
C. A tree sprouted in the place where Kanhopatra was buried.

6. Name the devotee of Lord Panduranga who was a construction worker.
A. Raka Kumbhar
B. Chokamela
C. Narsi Mehta

7. What was the desire that was expressed by Chokamela when Lord Panduranga visited his home?
A. To be blessed with lots of happiness
B. To accrue lots of wealth
C. To be blessed with Lord’s darshan and also to visit the Lord’s sanctum sanctorum

8. Who was Chokamela’s special visitor who visited his house on the day of Dwadasi?
A. Chokamela’s mother
B. Lord Panduranga
C. The King of Pune

9. What was the incident that took place at Chokamela’s house which was witnessed by the few of the temple priests?
A. Chokamela feeding a sadhu
B. Chokamela scolding his wife for carelessly spilling yogurt all over Lord Panduranga’s clothes
C. Chokamela feeding lots of villagers on the day of dwadasi

10. Name the devotee of Lord Panduranga who was a contemporary of Chokamela
A. Namadev
B. Tukkaram
C. Ekanath

11. How was Chokamela’s remains identified when the wall collapsed and killed everyone who were working near by?
A. His bones were chanting the divine names of Vittala
B. Chokamela’s face was not damaged and hence everyone was able to locate his remains seeing his face
C. Lord Panduranga helped everyone to locate the remains of Chokamela

12. What was the profession carried out by Raka?
B. Potter
C. Barber

13. What happened when Raka put the pots that he had fashioned in the kiln?
A. Some of the pots were not made properly and hence they broke in the fire
B. There were many pots and hence few of them did not harden properly.
C. A cat had given birth to its kittens in one of the pots and Raka unaware of this kept that pot as well in the kiln.

14. What happened after the fire in the kiln was put out?
A. The kittens were dead
B. The kittens were all safe and jumped out of the pot as soon as the fire was put off
C. The kittens could not be located in any of the pots

Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose CA

1 – A, 2 – B, 3 – B, 4 – C, 5 – C, 6 – B, 7 – C, 8 – B, 9 – B, 10 – A, 11 – A, 12 – B, 13 – C, 14 – B

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