Quiz – Divya Desam Series 6

Sri Parthasarathy

There are 108 Divya Desams – temples/abodes of Lord Narayana that have been sung by the Azhwars. This month, take the quiz to learn more about one of the ancient temples built during 8th century, Sri Parthasarathy temple in Triplicane Chennai.


1. In which city in Tamil Nadu is Parthasarathy temple located?
A. Madurai
B. Trichy
C. Chennai

2. Name the avatar of Lord Vishnu to whom this temple is primarily dedicated.
A. Koorma
B. Vamana
C. Krishna

3. Parthasarathy temple is located in a place called Triplicane, which was previously known as ‘Thiru-Alli-Keni’. What does the term ‘Thiru-Alli-Keni’ mean?
A. Sacred lotus pond
B. Sacred lily pond
C. Sacred jasmine pond

4. What does the term ‘Parthasarathy’ refer to?
A. The one who destroys evil force
B. The charioteer of Arjuna
C. The one who killed Ravana

5. Name the Azhwar for whom a separate shrine is located in this temple
A. Nammazhwar
B. Madhurakavi Azhwar
C. Andal

6. Name the warrior who is located on the left of Lord Parthasarathy in this temple
A. Parasurama
B. Satyaki
C. Lakshmana

7. Name the Lord who is located on the right side of the presiding deity,  Parthasarathy
A. Pradhyumna
B. Anirudha
C. Balarama

8. Which Azhwar has sung pasurams on ‘Thiruvallikeni’
A. Thirumazhisai Azhwar
B. Thirumangai Azhwar
C. Thondaradipodi Azhwar

9. The presiding deity, Parthasarathy has a _______ on his face.
A. White scar
B. Swollen jaw
C. White moustache

10. What is the other name for ‘Thiruvallikeni’
A. Mathura
B. Vrundharanyam
C. Sapthagiri

11. Name the Azhwars who have sung praises (Mangalasasanam) on the deities of the Parthasarathy temple?
A. Peyazhwar, Thirumazhisai  azhwar, Thirumangai azhwar
B. Andal, Nammazhwar, Periazhwar
C. Madurakaviazhwar, Koorathazhwar, Thirupaan azhwar

Compiled by
Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose CA
1 – C, 2– C, 3 – B, 4 – B, 5 – C, 6 – B, 7 – C, 8 – B, 9 – C, 10 – B, 11 – A

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