Madhubani Art

From this month, we embark on a new quiz series on Indian folk art forms. This month’s quiz is based on Madhubani art form, a popular form of art practiced in Mithila region, Bihar in the Indian subcontinent.

1. What is the other name for Madhubani art?
a.Tanjore art
b.Kalamkari art
c.Mithila art

2. Madhubani paintings are often characterized by _______________.
a.Complex geometrical patterns
b.Black and white color combinations
c.Circular patterns only

3. What themes are generally depicted in Madhubani paintings ?
a.Scenes from epics
b.Flora and Fauna
c.All of the above

4. Name the scripture that has reference to Madhubani painting.
a.Srimad Ramayana
c.Srimad Bhagavatam

5. What are the sources for the colors that are generally used in Madhubani
b.Colors derived from natural dyes and pigments
c.Oil colors

6. What is the traditional base in which the Madhubani paintings were done?
a.Mud walls and floors of huts
b.Stones and Rocks
c.Street roads

7. What was the reason for Madhubani painting to be accorded the coveted GI
(Geographical Indication) status?
a.Madhubani painting was confined to a small geographical area and even though the skills have been passed onto the future generations, the content and style
have largely remained the same all the while.
b.Madhubani painting was widespread in all parts of India.
c.Madhubani painting was one of the rarest Indian folk arts .

8. There are ____________ different styles of Madhubani paintings.

9. Name the five different styles of Madhubani paintings.
a.Katchni, Barni, Tantrik, Godna and Kohbar
b.Srikalahasthi, Machilipatnam, Godna and Kohbar
c.Pattachitra, Warli, Bharni, Katchni and Tantrik

10. Which statement about Madhubani paintings is true?
a.Madhubani paintings are done with fingers, twigs, nib-pens, brushes and matchsticks.
b.Madhubani paintings are done with regular paint brushes
c.Madhubani paintings are very prevalent in Maharashtra

11. What does the term ‘Madhubani’ refer to?
a.Forest with beautiful flowers
b.Forest of honey
c.Forest with beautiful lakes

12. When did Madhubani paintings come into existence?
a.Madhubani paintings date back to Ramayana when King Janaka requested his artists to paint the divine wedding scene of Lord Rama and Sita Matha.
b.Madhubani paintings date back to Ramayana when Dasaratha requested his artists to paint the divine scene of Lord Rama playing with his brothers.
c.Madhubani paintings date back to Krishna’s incarnation when Nandababa requested his artists to paint the divine scene of Lord Krishna grazing the cows along
with other Gopas.


Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose,CA

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