That Which Protects the Lord Himself

The Divine Names that one chants are his true protection. In fact, the Divine Names serve as protection to the very owner of the Divine Name! In Krishna avatara, the Divine Name of Krishna served as a protection to Lord Krishna Himself. Likewise in Ramayana, the Divine Name of Rama served as a protective shield to Lord Rama himself. That is verily the reason Lord Rama’s Padukas (sandals), finger ring, arrow, all bear the Divine Name – RAMA.

When Lord Rama confronted such a powerful rakshasa as Ravana,  he did not take with him any cavalry, an elephant army, or even an army of human soldiers.  All he took with him was a host of monkeys.  Did the simian army serve any purpose in the war?  Yes, they did!  While Lord Rama was at the forefront, the sea of monkeys that stood behind him constantly chanted the Divine Name of Rama, and that verily provided the power and strength to Lord Rama to defeat his adversary.

When one contracts ailments, our physician prescribes a medication based on the disease. But, Kulasekhara Azhwar prescribes a special kind of medicine (in Mukundamala).

vyAmoha prashamaushadham muni manovrutti pravruttyaushadham

daityendrArtikaraushadham tribhuvane sanjIvanaikaushadham

bhaktAtyantahitaushadham bhava bhaya pradhvamsanaikaushadham

shreyah prAptikaraushadham pibamanasrI krishNadivyaushadham

The mind is sickened by the fantasies of the world; and this medicine can cure this sickness! When one is plagued by negative tendencies and demonic thoughts, this medicine shall redeem. With zero side effects, this medicine is the most benign and allays the worst fears of the material world. Not only can this medicine cure one’s sicknesses, it shall bestow all kinds of auspiciousness to the one who takes it. Oh mind! Drink to your heart’s content, the glorious elixir of the Lord’s Divine Name!

And in a similar way, that very Divine Name bestows auspiciousness to Mother Sita as well. How?

Sita Devi is imprisoned by Ravana and is confined in Ashoka Vana, where Hanumanji lands. The Divine Mother, in extreme frustration, is about to end her life. He sings the divine glories of Rama and introduces himself. After thus having saved Sita Devi’s life, he hands her the ring that has been given by Sri Rama to be given to Sita Devi. The ring has the Divine Name “Rama” inscribed on it. The very sight of the Divine Name in the ring ushered her untold happiness and dispelled all her sorrows.  She then spoke thus:

vikrAntastvam samartastvam prAgyastvam vAnarottama |

yenetam rAkshasapadam tvayaikena pradarshitam ||

Oh, the most valorous, smartest and the most capable one! There is no second to you! You are no ordinary monkey, for, my Lord has, among the millions of people, chosen you to come and meet me. That is enough proof that you are a Mahatma. Truly, you are the supreme devotee of the Lord, for you have bestowed happiness to me through His Divine Name!

(to be continued…)

R. Murali, Chennai, India

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