Tirupathi Venkateshwara Vaibhavam – 2

Divinity Descends to the Seven Hills

In the last few episodes of Sri Venkatesha Vaibhavam we were blessed to enjoy the stories behind the descent of the seven hills through Sri Ramanujamji’s lectures. Now let’s continue to enjoy the glory, grandeur and majesty of Srinivasa Perumal based on the discourses about the leelas of Lord Sri Venkateshwara by Sri Poornimaji, given at Sri Aishwarya Srinivasa Perumal Temple @ Namadwaar Houston in December 2022.

Bhagavan, out of his immense compassion descends down to Earth. In this world, usually, one tries to move from a place to another only when there is a potential for more comfort or benefit. Yet, Bhagavan who is in Vaikunta, reveling in His own bliss, comes down to Earth, where there is pain and suffering, only for us.

Bhagavan took the form of Matsya avatar to retrieve the Vedas from Madhukaitabha. He then came as Kurma avatar, then as Varaha, Nrisimha, Vamana, Parusurama and eventually as Lord Rama and Bhagavan Krishna. And, now in this age of Kali, Bhagavan’s avatar is still continuing. But, Srimad Bhagavatham says, His descent is concealed. He comes down in the form of archavatar. There are so many temples now but the first archavatar that Bhagavan took was as Perumal of Tirupathi. This archavatar of Bhagavan is special. Skandha Purana says, it is the avatar that will have temples all over the world and will be worshiped by all.

Bhagavan, once was reclining on Adi Sesha in Ksheerabdi, the milky ocean. The waves of the milky ocean were gently rocking Bhagavan, who was in Yoga nidra. Lakshmi Devi was gently massaging the Feet of Bhagavan. It is said, Lakshmi Devi’s hands are soft like petals. And, yet when she massages Bhagavan’s Feet gently with her hands, Bhagavan’s Feet turns red. That is how soft Bhagavan’s Feet are! As Lakshmi Devi gently massages the Feet of Bhagavan, Adi Sesha, with his thousand hoods, enjoys this beautiful sight with his thousand pairs of eyes. As Adi Sesha beholds his master, Lakshmi Devi, looks up at Adi Sesha to enjoy the charming face of Bhagavan reflecting on the jewels on Adi Sesha’s thousand heads. Bhagavan, too, looks at Adi Sesha to gaze at the reflection of Lakshmi Devi’s alluring face in the jewels. Sri Jayadevar describes this beautiful sight in an ashtapathi.

One such day, as Bhagavan was reclining, He was in deep thought. At that moment, Sri Narada Maharishi arrived. On seeing Sri Narada, Bhagavan shared his desire to take the most compassionate avatar. An avatar where He would shower only His compassion (anugraha) and will not take any kind of disciplinary action(nigraha). Bhagavan desired to descend as archavatar and further asked Sri Narad Maharishi to recommend a place on Earth. Sri Narada Maharaj recommended the current site of Tirupathi, stating that it was a dry barren land and people there were impoverished and suffering. By Bhagavan’s mere presence, the land and its people would be transformed. Bhagavan, pleased by Sri Naradji’s reply, decided to descend there. On hearing this, Sri Adi Sesha Bhagavan, who is always keen to serve Bhagavan immediately, descended as the seven hills. Subsequently, Bhagavan too descended on the hill. As soon as Bhagavan descended, the entire land transformed. All the beings, even those that are sworn enemies by nature, became friendly and loving towards each other. Flowers bloomed, trees bore fruits. The sanctity of Bhagavan’s presence caused this transformation. Yet, Bhagavan was waiting to reveal himself. He was waiting for the right devotee to come by who would be blessed with the kainkaryam of discovering and revealing Bhagavan’s presence to the entire world.

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