This Giving Tuesday, please open your hearts to generously support G.O.D./Namadwaar’s causes in different cities across the USA.
While donating, please mention the City that you would like your contribution to go towards, if you have a preference.

#GivingTuesday Donation Options:

#1 – Check if your employer has any special matching program for #GivingTuesday. If yes, donate to G.O.D. through that program.
#2 – Donate via our Facebook fundraising page on Giving Tuesday Dec 3, preferably exactly at 8 AM EST/ 7 AM CST/5 AM PST (to help get the Facebook matching) –
#3 – Donate through GOD USA support us page (for supporters who are not on Facebook) –

GOD USA’s initiatives will greatly benefit from your support. THANK YOU!


Five Reasons to Support G.O.D.
1. Humanity and Divinity Together – supporting humane causes as well as empowering from within.
2. A Practical, Universal, Proven Path – The Divine Name, a path hailed by numerous saints from all sampradayas, regions, even religions; a path that is equally beneficial to ALL, without exception.
3. Inspiring Young Minds in a Positive Direction – encouraging thoughtful action, building faith, and strengthening internally.
4. Dedication and Track Record of Service – serving USA for over 12 years
5. Humility and Sincerity – G.O.D.’s motto is “No Name, No Fame, No Self-Interest. Only God.”

We call it the grand Sanatana Dharma. Why is it grand? How is it universal? Are spirituality and prosperity compatible? Are Science & Sanatana Dharma at odds? There are infinite ways to infinite bliss. Let’s find ours while accepting others.
GOD USA is happy to release this life changing lecture by the esteemed Sri Ramanujamji, disciple of HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, on the topic of Common Questions, Simple Answers – on Dharma. Be sure not to miss this!
The lecture was recorded live in Boston, MA in April 2018
Special introductory offer: $2.49

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