“JAYATHU SHRI MADHURAVAANI” – Deepavali celebrations 2020

Global Organization for Divinity family in North America (USA and Canada) will be coming together to celebrate a special utsav – “Jayathu Shri MadhuravAni”, as part of Deepavali 2020 celebrations.  The following set of events will be happening as part of this celebration.

  • Madhuragitam Vocal & Dance Contest
  • Sloka Challenge
  • A Garland of Madhurageethams
  • Favorite moments from Sri Swamiji’s Video Lectures

Favorite Moments from Sri Swamiji's Video Lectures

A Garland of Madhurageethams

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We call it the grand Sanatana Dharma. Why is it grand? How is it universal? Are spirituality and prosperity compatible? Are Science & Sanatana Dharma at odds? There are infinite ways to infinite bliss. Let’s find ours while accepting others.
GOD USA is happy to release this life changing lecture by the esteemed Sri Ramanujamji, disciple of HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, on the topic of Common Questions, Simple Answers – on Dharma. Be sure not to miss this!
The lecture was recorded live in Boston, MA in April 2018
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