Avvaiyar was a Tamil saint and poet from Tamil Nadu.  ‘Avvaiyar’ is a generic title and does not refer to a person’s name. 


1.What does the term ‘Avvaiyar’ refer to?

 a.Respectable Woman

 b.Educated Woman

 c.Valorous Woman


2.Avvaiyar lived during the ______________.

 a.Chera dynasty

 b.Chola dynasty

 c.Pandava dynasty


3.Avvaiyar is considered to be a contemporary of ______________. 



 c.Subramanya Bharati


4.Name one of Avvaiyar’s famous works in Tamil.





5.Avvaiyar found great happiness in the life of small children. True or False.




6.Who nominated Avvaiyar as an embassy to the chief of Tondaimangalam?


 b.Ramalinga Swamigal

 c.Adigaiman chief of Tagadur


7.Name the Lord whom Avvaiyar worshipped.

 a.Lord Krishna

 b.Lord Rama

 c.Lord Muruga


8.Name the temple where Lord Muruga gave darshan to Avvaiyar.

 a.Pazhamudhir cholai 




9.Avvaiyar is generally considered to be an old, intelligent woman. True or False. 




10.Where can we find the statue of Avvaiyar?





11.What are ‘Aathichoodis’?

 a.Single line quotations composed by Avvaiyar in alphabetical order


 c.Short essays



Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose , CA
Illustration by Lalitha Venkatraman, Richmond VA



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