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Spiritual questions answered by HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Q. We say “Sarvam Vasudevamayam”. Then why is there so much of division in the name of caste, religion and in the name of God?
A. ” When you are in a state of worry that you are not well, the doctor consoles you by saying that you are perfectly all right. However, when you are well and you are pretty sure about it, then no question arises and hence no consolations are needed, right?

Likewise, the ultimate truth is ‘Sarvam Vasudevamayam’. When we do not realize it, that is when the duality comes where we see many forms. So we keep chanting it often to remind ourselves of the truth.

It is not enough if you see everything in Vasudeva. If you see Vasudeva inside you, then you will automatically see Vasudeva alone in everything else – nothing else; nobody else. ”

Q. How can I best express my love for God?
A. “When a person has wealth, he is ready to share it with his kids alone and none others. So he tries his best to acquire as much wealth as possible. In the same manner, a knowledgeable person is not ready to share his rare knowledge with one and all.

Likewise, if one is ready to share his love with the Lord, and the Lord alone, and no one else, then his Bhakti grows day by day. We should not let our love to be scattered in different directions. Love has to be carefully accumulated, saved and offered only to the Lord; no one else. ”

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