Answers and beyond…- September 08

Answers and beyond…
Spiritual questions answered by Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Q: I wish to know if we can choose the Guru or does God show us one.
A: Many people believe that only with the help of Guru can one attain God. It is actually the other way round – only with the help of God can one attain a real Guru.

Q: What has one to do to get motivated to do japa, meditation?
A: By repeatedly reading about Mahatmas one gets motivated to do japa and meditation.

Q: In my life, I am facing problems all the time. How should I interpret this?
A: The more problems you experience, the closer you are to God. Only in those circumstances, we are able to do bhakti wholeheartedly. Life will lose its liveliness if there are no problems. We have to thank God whenever we face problems. We should have faith in God that everything happens for a good cause that is not known to us.

Q: Having received upadesa from a Sadguru, a friend of mine was practicing the sadhana. However, he has now stopped doing sadhana. All advice to him to resume the sadhana falls on deaf ears. What is to be done?
A: You need not worry on this account! The upadesa of a real Guru does not go in vain. At the appropriate time it will work, inducing him to take up the sadhana once more.

Q: Is ‘spirituality’ just a means of escape?
A: Unless one has a direct experience of spirituality it will only appear to be so. Without ‘realization’ confusions and doubts will not cease to be. Or one should have strong belief in Mahatmas’ words. So long as one is self-centered nothing can be comprehended.

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