Cherished Memoirs 49 – Kenguvarpatti Gopi

Kenguvarpatti Gopi 

Many years ago, once, when Sri Swamiji was sitting in the Bhagavatha Bhavanam, a young man with thick hair was standing at a distance and shedding tears looking at Swamiji. Swamiji noticed his devotion and called him and spoke to him. His name is Gopi and his native place is Kenguvarpatti near Vathalagundu. His educational background was in the agricultural field. Since that day, he was fully devoted to Sri Swamiji. He used to invite Swamiji to his native place and would organize discourses from his own funds. The deity in his native place is made of fig wood (athi maram). He offered his services to the temple and invited Swamiji to do the sacred water ceremony. Gopi and his cousin, Vinodh did a lot of service during the program. Gopi’s mother would mobilize money from her small savings and would offer it to Swamiji for the Veda patasala.

When his mother was admitted in Madurai Hospital due to ill-health, Swamiji went and saw her. In due course, Gopi’s mother attained the holy feet of the Lord.

Many opportunities to go abroad for work came, but he did not want to leave Swamiji and hence did not take up any of these overseas offers. He was trying for a Government job, but it was getting delayed. People were asking Gopi to seek recommendation from influential people or to get the job in other ways. But Gopi was determined not to attempt to try for the job in these ways and had full faith that Swamiji’s Grace alone would fetch him the job.

He was working in Hyderabad for some time and after several challenges, as expected by him, he got an offer from the Department of Agriculture. His posting was at Virinjipuram near Ranipet. Last month Swamiji had gone to this place. Gopi had been teaching the local school children good values and behavior by way of telling stories and had trained them to wear Tulasi beads, gopi chandan and was steering them in the right path. Swamiji was very happy to listen to these children sing namakirtan.

Because of Gopi Bhagavathar, the seeds of devotion have been planted well in the minds of Virinjipuram school children.

Translated into English for Madhuramurali magazine English edition, September 2016 issue

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