Crossword – Indian Independence Day

CW - Indian Independence day

2 The city in which Sabarmati Ashram is located
4 India got its independence in this month
11 India’s National Anthem was originally written in this language
12 The first prime Minister of India
13 The fabric that was made popular by Gandhi
14 Birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi
15 He composed India’s National Anthem

1 The first two letters of India’s National Anthem
3 Gandhi’s father’s name
5 Indian Flag is commonly known by this name in Hindi
6 India gained independence from this country
7 The wheel in the Indian Flag is known by this name
8 The Sanskrit term that was used by Gandhi for ‘non-violence’
9 Wife of Gandhi
10 Another name for ‘People of God’ that was popularized by Gandhi

CW sol- Indian Independence day







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