Crossword – Onam

Onam, the annual festival of the people of Kerala, was celebrated on Sep 7 this year. This occasion celebrates the legendary visit of ancient king, Mahabali, who was subdued by Bhagavan’s avatar as Vamana. Here’s a crossword to test your knowledge on Onam and Vamana avatar.

6 Vamana met King Mahabali on the banks of this river
7 Father of King Mahabali
9 Onam is celebrated in a grand manner in this state in India
11 The Lord assumed this little form when He incarnated as Vamana
12 Mother of Vamana
13 Colorful floral decoration traditionally done on the day of Onam
14 Father of Vamana
15 Lord Vamana confronted King Mahabali in this place

1 Vamana grew in size to become this avatara
2 Onam festival is celebrated to commemorate this great King
3 Mahabali was the grandson of this great devotee of the Lord
4 Vamana requested for this many paces of land from Mahabali
5 Vamana is the younger brother of this deva
8 Onam is generally celebrated in this Hindu calendar month
10 In the traditional Dasavatara of Lord Vishnu, what number is the incarnation of Vamana?

CW Onam sol







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Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose, CA

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