Divine Procession of Srinivasa Perumal

Relishing the Venkatesha Vaibhavam Series

Celebrating the arrival of Sri Aishwarya Srinivasa Perumal in Houston, Sri Ramanujamji, disciple of Sri Swamiji, is taking us on a journey to His divine abode by reminiscing the greatness of Lord Srinivasa and Venkatachalam, based on the divine work – ‘Divyadesa Vaibhavam’ by Paranur Mahatma Sri Sri Krishnapremi Maharaj. This is an ongoing series filled with immense rasa.

This series is available to listen on our Namadwaar E-Satsang YouTube channel at this playlist:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znQQJKwzl7k&list=PLf2GTja1Pr3P0Yr_AsYTOi9KnzUBlI1sE&index=12

We shall now enjoy a few divine droplets from the seventh episode of this series.

Divine Procession of Srinivasa Perumal

In the previous episode, we were blessed to undertake the journey through these seven hills as shown by the Mahatmas who celebrated and worshiped Tirumala as ‘aprAkrutam’, divine! Anything divine is beyond human contemplation and words. Even one quality of divinity cannot be completely grasped or spoken of. Sri Sri Anna in one of His Telugu kirtans, very humbly says,

atli itli thani cheppa thaguna brahmaadulakooda”, he says, “Even Brahmaji who is the very form of Vedas too cannot describe this Srishaila Vaibhavam this way or that way.”

Bhagavan, happy with His beloved Adisesha’s welcome by seating himself first, decided to announce His own descent on earth too. Instantly His entire family in the milky ocean was ready to follow Bhagavan. Bhagavan, the all-powerful One can very well disappear in Ksheerabdhi and appear in Seshadri, but to fill the hearts of Bhagavatas with joy and drench their eyes with His sight, Bhagavan decided to come down in a procession to the earth. Sri Krishna during His incarnation made His father carry him as a ‘procession’ the very day He was born. Srinivasa Perumal who is also our dear Krishna loves going on a procession. So as Bhagavan prepared to descend, Adi Sesha in His another form became the umbrella for Perumal. The great associates of Bhagavan in Vaikuntam, Nanda and Sunanda, fanned Bhagavan on either side. Brahmaji himself who is the very form of Vedas, chanted the Vedas. Surya Bhagavan himself initiated the ‘mangaLahArati’ and started the procession. Vayu Bhagavan collected the sweet fragrance from the nearby sandalwood forests (which is the gift of Bhooma Devi for the seven hills) and sent across a gentle waft of breeze. Bhagavan ascended the divine chariot, whose charioteer was none other than Garudazhwar – Periyatiruvadi. Sri Rudra excitedly played the drums (damaru). Sridevi who is Daya Maatha (mother of compassion) and Bhoodevi who is Kshama Maatha (embodiment of tolerance) adorned the sandalwood smeared chest of Bhagavan. 

Sridevi and Bhoodevi, positioned themselves way above, high and elevated on the divine chest of Bhagavan so that their glance shall fall upon all the jeevas who come to have Bhagavan’s darshan. The Divine Mother is the very epitome of compassion – ‘karunAm iva rUpunIm’ , says Sri Vedanta Desikacharya in Daya Shatakam. She sees that no one escapes Her compassionate glance. So she stationed herself inseparable from Bhagavan, in His chest with the pledge that she never leaves Perumal even for an infinitesimal moment. Bhagavan too, being the sole refuge for all beings (sarvalOka sharaNya) for the same reason took His abode on top of the divine hill, so that from above the hills He sees all, and is ready to shower His abundant grace. Sri Sri Anna also says, Perumal found His place high up midway between the heavens and earth so that both the gods and humans can revel in enjoying the divine sight and worship of Perumal to their heart’s content. 

The wonderful scene of Srinivasa Perumal’s procession always reminds Sri Swamiji of Sri Vijayagopala Swami’s song “deveshagaNArAdhita...” which is sung as part of the Thodayamangalam kirtans in the Bhajan Sampradaya. Vijayagopala Swami with his dhandam and veena welcomes Bhagavan singing, ‘hecharikA…hecharikA’ during this royal procession in Tirumala. 

Vijayagopala Swami’s heart soars in joy, hairs in his body stand out in horripilation, tears glisten in his eyes as he sees the enchanting form of Perumal accompanied by His divine consorts Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi. As Bhagavan marches majestically forward, Vijayagopala Swami facing Perumal in great exuberance moves backwards singing this song, its rhythm synchronizing beautifully with Perumal’s gait. He says in this song that even the Lord of Devas Indra’s thousand eyes are not enough to fully consume the divine sight of the tender Lotus feet of Perumal (deveshaganArAdhita divyAmbuja pAdA….). He says Devendra is himself not satiated. 

As the procession picked up fervor, Vijayagopala Swami in his enthusiasm and delight fastened the pace of the song. For the pure heart and deep devotion of this Mahatma, wonder of wonders, Perumal ordained through the priest asking Sri Vijayagopala Swami to slow down the pace of his song. Bhagavan also very beautifully says that He Himself could easily keep up to the fast pace however Bhoo Devi and Sri Devi, who walk in ‘hamsagati’, gentle poised gait resembling that of a swan, cannot match the speed and hence asked Vijayagopala Swami to slow down.

Vijayagopala Swami exhilarated to hear Bhgavan’s message also slowed down, continuing the next verse slowly.

seshAchala nilayA vara bhUshAnamani valayA
rOshAdhi vijayI mouni vidheyAhecharikA

Bhagavan too in response resumed His normal gait. This beautiful episode happened in the life of this great yati (sanyasi) whose love for Perumal and His processions is very evident from this incident.

All Mahatmas, starting from our Azhwars have their own unique relationship and connection with Srinivasa Perumal. However one common thread among them all is their spirit of complete surrender, relying on Perumal as their sole refuge and imploring for acceptance under the shelter of His Lotus Feet – ‘pugal onDru illA aDiyen, un aDi kIzh amarndhu pugundhene’. 

In the divine presence of Srinivasa Perumal,  witnessing His towering magnificence,  along with the moon-like cooling compassionate glance of the Divine Mother, this would indeed be the prayer for each one of us as well!

Based on Sri Ramanujamji’s Venkatesha Vaibhavam Series of Discourses

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