Udipi is well-known pilgrimage center renowned for  for its anna daanam (feeding the needy) all-round the year, come rain or shine. This has been happening for centuries. See the greatness of our Shastras – Shastras have declared Udipi to be ‘anna brahmam kshetram’  long ago. To this day, when Kali yuga is at its peak, Udipi is true to its ancient glory of showing God through consecrated food to one and all coming there.

Do you know that Udipi Krishna gives darshan only through the window of the back side of the sanctum? That window was made by that little Krishna himself! See His compassion for His loving devotees. When the priests of the temple were bringing sacred water for Krishna’s worship their path was blocked by Kanakadasa, an ardent devotee of Krishna, who was singing the divine names of the Lord oblivious of the surroundings. As Kanakadasa appeared impure, they forbade him from singing in the front of the shrine. Kanakadasa who was in a trance-like state slowly realized that others perceived him to be a disturbance. He felt miserable that he had been a hindrance to the worship of the Lord and with moist eyes and choked voice prayed for Krishna’s grace and went to the back side of the sanctum. Krishna who holds the churning rod could not hold himself from seeing this pure devotee. When Kanakadasa went to the back of the sanctum, with voice choked with love and tenderness, Krishna called out, ‘Hey Kanakaaa…’

(We could feel the wave of bliss flow all over our body when our beloved master called out ‘Kanakaaa’ in his loving voice while narrating this story!)

Kanaka turned to see that the back wall was broken by Krishna who had turned back from the main door to see his beloved Kanaka and the loving Lord gave Kanakadasa His darshan! When Love towards Archavataram (God in form of deity in temple) becomes complete, Bhagavan also completely transcends the limitation of being a ‘stationary’ deity and starts playing with the devotees.

Extracted from ‘Vriddhim Karnatake Gatah’ – Part – 6 , Travelogue of a divine journey with Sri Swamiji – by Sri Ramanujamji

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