The Holy Land of Brindavan 

Last month, we enjoyed how the Lord blessed the fruit-seller lady. After that, seeing all the dangers in Gokula, Nanda Baba, along with his minister Upananda held council and decided to move away from Gokula to the beautiful land of Brindavan on the banks of Yamuna river.

When Lord Krishna and Balarama entered Brindavan, the very sight gave them bliss! Maybe because they had reached their eternal abode, or maybe because this was going to be the center of all their pastimes. Or was it because, Brindavan was that holy place that had the imprints of Radha Devi’s feet, whom Krishna held very dear?

Srimad Bhagavatam says,
vrindAvanam govardhanam yamunA-pulinAni cha
vIkshyAsId uttamA prItI rAma-mAdhavayor nrupa

The lush green forest of Vrindavan, the Govardhana mountain and the banks of Yamuna immensely pleased Balarama and Lord Krishna.

Srimad Bhagavatam further says, Brindavan was sarvakAlasukhAvaham (pleasing all through the year).

It is not just the physical beauty of the place but the ambiance itself is blissful because Radha Devi and Lord Krishna are ever-present there. The sand and the air of Brindavan nourish Bhakti in the hearts of the devotees. It is the refuge for devotees yearning for devotion at the Lotus Feet of the Divine Couple. Countless Mahans have lost themselves in the bliss of Brindavan, just by thinking of the place.

This month, we will enjoy one such Madhurageetham by Sri Swamiji – brindAvanam thanil en maname, that is sung in the bhAva of a Gopi. In this song, the Gopi says to her friend that her heart is captivated by the beauty of Brindavan. Sri Radha Devi’s holy footprints on the soil of Brindavan (…radhA charana rajobhishiktam) is the primary reason that it is so mesmerizing to those who are full of love for Lord Krishna.

The Gopi, thus enthralled by the beauty of this Vraja Bhoomi enjoys the melodious songs of the birds, the rustling flow of Yamuna river and the luscious greenery.

Let us also ask our hearts to travel to this holy land and immerse ourselves in its bliss.

Brindavanam thanil en maname

Ragam: Abheri
Tala: Adi

brindAvanam thanil en manamE – thOzhI
brindAvanam thanil en manamE

konji konji pADiDum kuyil kUTTamum
nenjil kuDi koLLum mayil kUTTamum || brindAvanam ||

chala chala enDrODum yamunai paDugaiyum
malaya mArudatthil asaiyum koDigaLum || brindAvanam ||

rAdhA padam alainda puNNiya bhUmiyum
kATril midandu varum muraLI gAnamum || brindAvanam ||

O Friend! My heart is in Brindavan
My heart is in Brindavan

The cuckoo birds sings melodiously
The sight of the peacocks captivates the heart

The burbling flow of Yamuna river
The gentle malaya breeze swaying the vines

The blessed land where the feet of Radha Devi have wandered all over
The melodious notes of the Flute in the air

Sowmya Balasubramanian, Bay Area CA

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