Madhurageetham Series

Brahma Stuti – Part 3

In the last few episodes of the Madhurageetham Dasama skandam series (Madhurageetham songs based on leelas in Canto 10) we have been delving deep into a few nectarine verses of Brahma Stuti in Srimad Bhagavatam and relishing its meaning along with Sri Swamiji’s composition of Madhurageethams that truly spark out the same bhava embedded in these verses.

This month too we shall continue to enjoy another verse from this divine ambrosia along with another lovely Madhurageetham.

Lord Brahma in his stuti expounds the great yet simple and sweet path of bhakti. 

Brahma blinded by the veil of ignorance seeks forgiveness at the feet of the Lord and beseeches Him calling himself to be Bhagavan’s child and hence to pardon his mistakes like how a mother would be unmindful of the gentle kicks of her child in the womb.

Brahma surrenders unto Bhagavan and prays that he be always His dear devotee doing service to His lotus feet in every birth.

Brahma is unable to fathom the great fortune bestowed to the people of Vraja.  He says, “How greatly fortunate are the cows and Gopis of  Vrindavan, the nectar of whose milk you happily had, by yourself becoming their calves and children!”

Saying so he exclaims,

aho bhAgyam aho bhAgyam nandagopa vrajaukasAm
yan mitram paramAnandam  pUrNam brahma sanAtanam
” (S.B.10.14.32)

How greatly fortunate are Nandababa, the cowherd boys, and all the other inhabitants of Vrajabhumi! There is no limit to their good fortune, because the Absolute Truth, the eternal Supreme Brahman, has become their friend!

Brahma is overwhelmed to see that the Lord, whom all the Yogis and great Gnanis worship and esteem as Paramatma and Parabrahmam with extreme respect and reverence, these folks in Brindavan, born here as Gopas and Gopis, very fondly play, eat, laugh, fall upon, and talk with, calling Him their dear friend, child, and even admonish him for his silly and naughty pranks.  The cows and calves happily roam around with Him in the fields of Vraja kissing His feet! How blessed and fortunate they are!

Lord Brahma in His stuti seeks to convey that this Supreme One in this incarnation has identified Himself with such simplicity and accessibility.

Sri Swamiji too in this kirtan voices this quality of the Lord in this incarnation and also sings of the great fortune of all the devotees associated with Him.

Song: ippaDi oru kuzhandaiyai kaNDavaruNDO?
rAgam: madhyamAvathi
thALam: Adi

ippaDi oru kuzhandhaiyai kaNDavaruNDO?
eppaDi nAn solvEn adhai

01. peTTravaL seydha bhAgyamO
chuTTratthAr seydha bhAgyamO
kaTTraRindhavar seydha bhAgyamO
paTTraTTravar seydha bhAgyamO

02. thuRandhavar seydha bhAgyamO
parandha pAriluLLOr bhAgyamO
kuTTramaTTrOr seydha bhAgyamO
naRthavamuDayOr seydha bhAgyamO

03. anbu aDakkam paNivu thuNivu
vAymai thUymai nErmai vIram
koNDavanAyinum thannai madhitthaRiyAn
kuRumbugaL seydhiDuvAn mADu kanDru mEytthiDuvAn

04. veNNai pAl thayir virumbi uNDiDuvAn
kaNNanenDru ivan peyar gOkula mannanivan
thannai pADum aDiyArgaLin
eNNatthil niRaindu leelaigaL seydhiDuvAn


Is there anyone who has seen a child like this?
How do I say that?

Is it the fortune of the one who gave birth to Him?
Is it the fortune of all the people who are around Him?
Is it the fortune of all the learned men?
Is it the fortune of all who are detached?

Is it the fortune of the renunciants?
Is it the fortune of those living on this vast earth?
Is it the fortune of those unblemished ones?
Is it the fortune of those who have performed great penance?

In spite of being an embodiment of true love,
Humility, valor, purity, sincerity, and courage,
He is oblivious of His Divine opulence.
He does all mischievous acts, goes for grazing the cows and the calves.

He relishes eating butter, milk, and curd,
His name is Krishna, and he is the prince of Gokulam.
He plays divine leelas in the hearts of His devotees who sing His praise!

Nithya Balasubramanian, Pleasanton, CA
Illustration: Illustration by Jayashree Balan – 9 yrs, Richmond , Virginia





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