‘Nama’ Alone is Sufficient!

This world does not exist without water. All our requirements are met through water only. For example, we cannot clean ourselves or wash our clothes or cook food without water. Like this, water is an indispensable ingredient in all things of our lives. More than all this, we cannot live without water.

Let us say there is a lot of rain in a particular place. We have to get water from this rain. We have to use that water for bathing, cleaning our teeth, to wash ourselves, to clean our clothes and for drinking. It then becomes important to store this water in a particular place, isn’t it? Once we store the water, we can use it in whatever way we want.

Similarly, God and his Grace are inseparable. God is not different from his Grace. When we say God is omnipresent, it then implies that his grace is also present everywhere. There is no place or time where it is not there or when it is not there. The divine Name (Nama) is the means by which we can receive and store this grace.

Just as we store the rainwater, this ‘Nama’ will store the grace of God. We can use it in whatever way we want, say for getting a job or for removal of difficulties in our lives or for unity in the family or for wealth, power, fame etc.

Experts from Sri Swami ji’s discourse from Tamil Madhuramurali magazine, July 2018 issue

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