3-Day Discourse series by Sri Poornimaji in Seattle, WA

By the blessings of Sri Premikavaradan and Sri Madhuri Sakhi and our Sri Swamiji, we had a wonderful home satsang with Poornima ji at Sannidanam family in Seattle on Jan 27th. Around 70 devotees attended and enjoyed her mesmerizing discourse on Dhruva Charitram.

On the second day, Jan 28th Sri Poornimaji discoursed on Guru Mahima at Shirdi Sai baba temple in Redmond. Around 200 devotees attended and enjoyed the katha.

Smt Gomathi ji and family hosted Sri Poornima ji at their home in Bothell for a satsang on Jan 29th. Around 80 devotees participated and enjoyed Sri Poornimaji’s discourse on Sri Vallabhacharya. The satsang ended with Kaliyayum Balikollum and harathi.

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