Ashada Ekadasi and Guru Poornima Celebrations across the US

Guru Poornima Satsang, Atlanta Namadwaar
On the auspicious occasion of Sri Guru Poornima, devotees gathered at Atlanta Namadwaar to offer prayers and Nama to the Holy Feet of Sri Swamiji and Sri Takurji. The celebration commenced with melodious offering of Mahamantra for the pleasure of Sri Swamiji. Devotees then offered soulful rendition of various Madhurageetham glorifying Guru and Guru Mahima. Some of the Madhurageetham offered during the program are: Pratyaksha deivamae Gurunathan ThAl panivAy gOvidapuram endru selvEnO guru Kripa illAmal Kurukku Vazhi Thedum Mandargale AruL ma mamazhai bhajare Sri guru sadguru padhukam pranamAmyaham Madhurageetham offering was followed by Pushpavarsham.

A colorful and bright offering filled with love and gratitude by devotees to Sri Swamiji and Sri Premika Varadha Takurji amidst chanting of Mahamantra. The celebration concluded with Harathi and Dolotsavam.

Raleigh NC
By Gurunathar’s grace, we had the bhagyam to celebrate Ashada Ekadasi & Guru Poornima in a very divine way. The event was hosted by Ranjani ji and Rajshekhar ji at their residence. We started with chanting the Holy Nama for 45 mins. This was followed by reciting Guru Paduka Ashtothram. We sang few Guru Kirtans. We were fortunate to have Madurasmaranam by Balasubramanian Mama & Mami from Singapore Namadwar. The apt Madurageetam we could feel & relate to upon hearing the Madurasmaranam could be ‘Guruvandri gathi verillai’, our Guru Maharaj is our Guide & He is our everything. Our ears were yearning to hear more and more and our hearts were filled with immense joy & happiness!

We sang Vittal Kirtans & performed Warkari Yatra where all of us danced along with singing abhangs on Pandhurangan. We concluded the evening by Mangala Aarti. Sadgurunath Maharaj ki Jai! Radhe radhe!

 Orlando FL
By the immense grace of Guru Maharaj and Madhura Sakhi/ Premika Varadan Thakurji, Orlando Satsang Orlando celebrated the divine Guru Poornima and Ashada Ekadashi on July, 1st, 2023. The celebration started with a few hours of Akhandanama followed by Palliki event, where devotees carried Guruji and His Padukas in one Palliki, and carried Dhyana Vittala and Yoga Rukmini in another Palliki. While the pallikis were carried, other devotees were singing Madhurageetams, Guru Kirtans and Abhangs.

The event was conducted at the residence of Prajaktaji/ Anand ji and approximately 35 devotees joined and participated in the event.Both Adults and kids were blessed to participate in this blissful event. We continue to pray unto the lotus feet of Guru Maharaj and Premika Varadan/Madhuri Sakhi to bless us with more and more satsangs, utsavs and Guru seva in the near future. Radhe Radhe

Virginia Namadwaar
With the immense blessings of Sri SwamiJi and Sri Madhuri Sakhi Samedha Sri Premika Varadha Takurji Namadwaar Virginia continues to offer Srimad bhagavata Nakshatra parayanam every Swati. On June 29th we had the monthly Swati parayanam poorthi satsang and Ashada ekadasi celebrations at Virginia Namadwaar. We had Nama from 3 pm to 6 pm via zoom online. This was followed by in person satsang at Namadwaar. The satsang started with Mahamantra kirtan. Many Madhrageethams on Guru, Nama mahima were rendered. Then Vittal Madhurageethams were also rendered. Anjaneyar kirtans and prayer kirtans were also sung. The satsang concluded with Kaliyayum bali kollum kirtan and Maha Arti. Prayers to our Swamiji to bless us always with more Satsangs.

With the immense blessings of Sri SwamiJi and Sri Madhuri Sakhi Samedha Sri Premika Varadha Takurji Virginia Namadwaar families were blessed Guru poornima on July 3rd 2023 We had Nama online via zoom from 3 pm to 6pm. The devotees took turns to chant Mahamantra kirtan. This was followed by in person satsang at Namadwaar Virginia. The satsang started with Mahamantra kirtan. Many Guru kirtans were rendered. Pushparchana for Sri Muralidhara Guru Ashtothram was performed. This was followed by Anjaneyar and prayer kirtans. Then the satsang concluded with Kaliyayum bali kollum kirtan and Maha Arti.

Seattle Namadwaar
With the blessings of our Gurunathar, Seattle Namadwaar hosted an eight-hour Akhandanama on the occasion of Guru Poornima and Ashada Ekadasi on July 8th at the Namadwaar. Our Gurunathar and Madhurisakhi Sametha Premikavaradhan Thakurji were beautifully decorated in garlands. At the end of each hour, dry fruits neivedyam was offered. The event concluded with Kaliyayum Bali Kollum and Aarathi.

Houston Namadwaar
The month of July at Houston Namadwaar began with the ausipicious celebration of Ashada Ekadasi. 145 devotees came together at Sri Airshwary Srinivasa Perumal Temple to celebrate with wonderful offerings of Abhangs and a re-enactment of the Varkari journey to Pandharpur (Pandharpur yatra). The next major satsang was on July 3rd to celebrate the holy day of Guru Poornima. Sangeet Seva was offered by Chaitanya Brothers. 64 rasikas enjoyed their wonderful renditions of Sri Annamacharya’s compositions.



Boston, MA
By the immense Grace of Sri Guruji and Madhuri Saki Samedha Premika Varadhan Thakurji God Boston satsang celebrated Ashada Ekadasi on 29th June, Thursday Starting with Nama followed by Madhura Gitams on Lord Pandurangan and Premika Varadhan.
Guru Poornima celebration on July 1st commmenced with Mahamantra for 30 mts and recitation of Guru kirtans from Madhura Gitams. Commemorated with Kaliyaiyum Bali kollum.

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