Ashada Ekadasi and Guru Poornima Celebrations by Raleigh GOD Satsang

By the abundance krupa of Takur ji and Gurunathar’s Grace, Raleigh GOD satsang celebrated Ashada Ekadasi with 3 day Dasama Skanda parayanam, Radha Madhava vivaham .Few Ashtapathis and Kalyana Ashtapathi were sung.. Abhangs were sung as a part of Ashada Ekadasi satsang on July 20th.

On July 23rd, Raleigh GOD satsang celebrated Guru poornima with 24 hr non stop Akhanda Nama through zoom. Nearly 60 bhakthas including children were participated in this event.On the evening, we had a house satsang with Guru ji and Premika varadha thakur ji Procession around the house and Guru kirtans and Madhurageetham were sung ..Dinner potluck were served.

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