3-day Discourse Series on ‘Bhagavad Gita- Bhakti Yoga’ at Hindu Society of Alberta

By the grace of Madhuri Sakhi Samedha Premika Varadhan and Sri Swamiji, Edmonton devotees and and families were blessed to listen to Sri Poornimaji’s discourses for 5 days from May 20 –May 24 2016. Each day, before the discourse, Bhajans, Ashtapadis, Kunthi Sthuthi, Gopi Geet,Hanuman Chalisa and Madhura Gitams composed by Sri Guruji were sung by kids and adults with great enthusiasm.May 20 – May 22 2016: 3 day Discourse Series on “Bhagawad Gita – Bakthi Yoga” at Hindu Society of Alberta. By the grace of the lord and the support of devotees, Sri Poornimaji’s first day program was well received by a diverse demographic and was easy to follow along. Sri Poornimaji introduced Bhagawadh Gita as the third among the “Prasthana Traya” after Upanishads, Brahmasutra. Poornimaji gave a preview about what real Bakthi is as said by Bagawan Himself. On second day Sri Poornimaji explained the differences between Nirguna and Saguna bakthi as answered by Bagawan to Arjuna’s question. Both certainly lead us to Him, Saguna Bakthas enjoythe beauty of Bagawan’s forms while Niruguna Bakthas see Him as all-pervading and withstand much more tribulations. Poornimaji instantly connected with devotees by explaining “why we are not the body”. Poornimaji referenced Mahans like Tulsidasji, Kabirji, Mirabai, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda and Ronald Nixon (Krishna Premi). On the concluding day of the program Poornimaji elucidated that “action repeated becomes a habit”and that it is true for both good and bad habits. Poornimaji easily connected with the audience by highlighting that “Bakthi cannot be taught but can only be caught”. Bakthi leads to a state where while we do our activities, “the thought that this is mine” goes away. Sri Poornimaji concluded the satsang by extolling the greatness of chanting the names of the lord as an easy means to attain Bagawan.

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