3-Day Discourse series by Sri Poornimaji, Phoenix AZ

By the immense Krupa of Sri Swamiji and Thakurji, Sri Poornimaji’s 3-day discourse on ‘Chala Pandarila Javu’ in Phoenix went very well. The discourses were held at Smt. Hema ji & Sri Hariramji’s residence from April 26 to 28th.

Sri Poornimaji narrated Pandharpur bhakta’s life stories very beautifully. She spoke about bhaktas like Pundalika, Sant Namdev, Muktha Bhai and Gora Kumbhar who just by chanting Vittala Nama lived in constant communion with the Lord throughout. Around 35 to 40 devotees attended the Katha on all 3 days.

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