Krishna ji ka khela by Virginia Namadwaar

Sri ManiJi and Smt JayaJi celebrated their children’s birthday with KrishnaJi kA khElA on Saturday, July 24th. Since it was an online celebration, Grandparents, Aunt and many family members from India joined the celebration.

The Hosts did Pushparchana to Sri SwamiJi, Srimad Bhagavatham and, The Lordships. This was followed by sweet rendering of Madhurageetham. Sri MuraliJi did a short pravachan on importance of families following Sri SwamiJi’s path in celebrating their children’s birthdays and other milestones with KrishnaJi kA khElA. Satsang ended with Mangalam an Aarti. There  were  around  35  devotees.

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