A three day lecture series on Bhagavatha Dharma in Redding,CA

Redding GOD Chapter organized a three day lecture series on Bhagavatha Dharma from Sunday, December 09 2012 to Tuesday, December 12 2012. The first day event was organized at the Center for Spiritual Living and the second and third day events were conducted at the residence of Sri.Sriram Sambasivan and Mrs.Nithya Sriram. About 60 people listened to Sri Ramanujamji’s first day lecture with awe for the first time and many of them attended the remaining lecture sessions as well. Devotees from other parts of California also took part in this three day event. The satsang began with Namasankirtan and was followed by Sri Ramanujamji’s lecture and concluded with Dolotsav. Sri Ramanujamji expounded on Bhagavatha Dharma in a language that was comprehended by everyone.

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