Akhanda Nama on New Year at Florida

Date: 1 Jan 2009
Topic: Akhanda Namakirtan – New year celebration
Venue: The resience of Aravindji and Geethaji, Florida

A session of Akhanda Nama (contineous nama for straight 12 hours from 6am to 6pm) took place to mark the New Year, in the residence of Sri Aravindji and Smt Geeethaji at Florida. 6 devotees who were blessed to begin their new year with Mahamantra took part in the afternoon session of the event. They were given Mahmantra stickers and fruits. The event concluded with the Panchagitam from Srimad Bhagwatam.

On Sunday, 4 January, there were 2 sessions of Mahamantra kirtan interspersed  with Sri Sri Swamijis Bhajans and Abhangs in which about 11 devotees took part. Sri Aravindji addressed the devotees to throw light up on the greatness of Mahamantra chanting.

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