Nama Bhiksha Sessions in Raleigh, NC

By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji, devotees of GOD Raleigh Satsang were a part of the Nama Bhiksha sessions on Jan 14th at Sri Dorai ji & Smt. Mahi ji’s residence. We chanted the Holy Nama, sang few Madhurageetams and ended with Mahamantra Anthem.

Another Nama session was held on Jan 22nd at Smt Aishwarya ji & Sri Swami ji’s residence. After Nama chanting for 30 mins, we had Sri Thyagaraja Katha Smaranam session of Sri Thyagarajar Swami by Sri Swami ji who beautifully described the life and learnings of Sri Thyagarajar. The katha shravanam was accompanied with few keertanams written by Sri Thyagarajar. Further, we sang few Madhurageetams and ended with Mahamantra Anthem & Mangalam.

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