Akhanda Namakirtan in Dallas

With the immense grace of the Lord and the blessings of Sri Swamiji, the Dallas Satsang had an Akhanda Nama Sankirtan program on May 09, 2009 at the residence of Sri Mayakoothan and Smt. Jayanthi Mayakoothan.

The Mahamantra Yagna started off with the chanting of Srimad Bhagavata Dhyana slokas at 7am. This was followed by a 12 hour of non stop,  highly devoted Mahamantra Kirtan which concluded with Sri Swamiji’s ‘Kirtanam Paadeere’ Song and Mangala Harathi.

The event was well planned with a few families committed to chant Mahamantra for a specific time. Schedules were drawn allocating families to lead the Mahamantra Kirtan for specified time intervals.  The fact that the families came in time for their slot and that they stayed for extended hours to chant Mahamantra proved that the devotees enjoyed the chanting.

About 60 devotees were blessed to take part in this event. Devotees volunteered to bring Prasad and it was distributed all who took part in the event.

Smt. and Shri Thiagarajan of GOD Satsang, Dallas took the initiative to organize the Mahamnatra Yagna.

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