Kalpatharu (New Year) Day celebration with Akanda Nama, Radha Kalyanam and Hanumath utsav across USA

Namadwaar, Atlanta
With the blessings of Sri Swamiji, Atlanta Namadwaar celebrated Kalpatharu Day with grand Radha Kalyanam for our beloved Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Sri Premika Varadhan Takurji and also chanted Mahamantra for the pleasure of Sri Swamiji and Takurji.
All CDC guidelines were strictly adhered to during the event.

Orlando GOD Chapter
Radhe Radhe- By the apaara karuna and leela of Guru Maharaj and Madhuri Sakhi/Premika Varadan, GOD satsang Orlando welcomed the new year with 6 hours of Akhandanama.

The event was held face to face at the residence of Nandini ji/ Sankar ji, and about 25 devotees participated in the event. Our humble prostrations unto the lotus feet of Guru Maharaj, and Bhagawan to bless us with numerous satsangs, Akandanamas, pravachans and other major blessed events this year.

Jacksonville GOD Satsang
“By the benign grace of our Guru Maharaj, Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji and the divine couple Sri Madhurisakhi samedha Premika Varada Thakur ji, GOD Satsang Jacksonville welcomed the Kalpatharu Day with our usual Akhanda Mahamanthra Nama Kirthan for 6 hours starting from 6 pm on 12/31/2021 to 12 am on 1/1/2022. The Akhanda Nama concluded with Archana, Neivedhyam and Arathi with Kaliyaiyum Bali Kollum, reverberating in the hall.

This is the 7th consecutive year of the Akhanda Nama and this year the attendees were given the choice to be either in person or in Zoom. The event was held in the presence of our Sri Jagannath Parivar and graced by Radha Krishna Yugalam and Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami. Praying to Bhagwan and our Guru Maharaj for many more satsangs in the new year, 2022.”

Namadwaar, Virginia
“With the immense blessings of Sri SwamiJi and Sri Premika Varadhan-Madhuri Sakhi, Virginia Namadwaar ended 2021 with prayers and gratitude to the Lordships and Sri SwamiJi and welcomed the New year 2022 with divine bliss.
From Dec 27 – Dec 30th, devotees did Srimad Bhagavatam – Dashama Skanda parayanam. On New Year’s eve, devotees did a Gratitude Nama – Akhanda Mahamantra Nama Sankirtan and welcomed New Year 2021 with Nama.
On New Year day, Jan 1st, devotees celebrated Radha Madhav Vivah.
The Divine couple were decorated with colorful garlands and jewelry. The satsang started with Mahamantra kirtan and Dhanur month seva of Tirupalliezhuchi and Tiruppavai pasurams recital. This was followed pushparchana. Then the devotees rendered Guru kirtans, Ashtapati and Sampradaya bhajans. Choornika, Krishna pravaram and Radha pravaram were recited. Mangalyadharanam was done while the devotees rendered Mangalashtakam.

Maha Arthi was performed to the Lordships. As the devotees chanted Radhakrishna Nama Flowers were offered to the Divine couple. Prayer kirthans were rendered with a special prayer for a healthy, blessed year filled with lots of satsangs. Anjaneya kirtans were rendered. The satsang concluded with kaliyayum bali kollum keerthan and Aarti. Around 40 devotees eagerly participated in the wedding.

With the boundless blessings of Sri Swamij, Sri TakurJi and by the grace Sri HanumanJi, Virginia Namadwaar celebrated Hanumanth Jayanthi on January 2nd, with Akhanda Hanuman Chalisa Recital via online. Many devotees including Gopakuteeram children, participated eagerly and chanted Hanuman chalisa

Namadwaar, Dallas

Gratitude 2021! – New Year Eve Akhanda Naama at Dallas Namadwaar
By the immense Grace of Sri Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Premika Varadan and our Sri Swamiji, Namadwaar Dallas was blessed to celebrate the eve of the new year with akhanda Naama. Satsang started in the evening at Namadwaar Dallas on New Year’s eve with Vishnu Sahasranamam followed by Sri Guru Panchakam, Sri Radhika Panchakam, and Sri Premika Varadan Dashakam. Sri Swamiji’s Grace was quite evident when our Swamiji-blessed Sri Madhuri Sakhi Sametha premika Varadan deities entered the premises of Namadwaar Dallas exactly at the time when devotees were about to chant Sri Premika Varadan Dashakam. What Perfect timing it was! Devotees cheerfully chanted Sri Premika Varadan Dashakam with complete faith in the embodiment of love and the beautiful form of Sri Muralidhara, Our Sri Premika Varadan. Our Gratitude to Sri Swamiji for bestowing us with a blissful moment to relish on the New Year Eve which demonstrated “Devotion with Faith” as the only answer to all our prayers which HE emphasized in the Mass prayer pravachan on Kalpatharu day. Sri Madhurageethams were offered at HIS Lotus feet. Akhanda Naama ensued reverberating loud cheers at Namadwaar Dallas till midnight bidding huge farewells for 2021 and welcoming a fabulous 2022. About 14 Families participated in the New-year eve Satsang at Namadwaar Dallas.
Prayers to our Sri Swamiji to bless us with another Satsang-filled year.

Kalpatharu day – Sri Hanumath Jayanthi Celebrations
By the immense grace of our Sri Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Premika Varadan, Namadwaar Dallas celebrated Sri Hanumath Jayanthi on Kalpatharu Day. New Year 2022 Satsang at Namadwaar Dallas started with Naama while Devotees decorated our Hanuman Ji with colorful Garlands (Butter, Vada, Betel leaves, Fruits, and Flowers). Devotees continued chanting Hanuman Chalisa rejoicing our Hanuman Ji’s decorated form reminiscing HIS qualities, especially HIS selfless love towards Lord Rama, inherent nature devoid of “I” and “Mine”, Complete surrender to the Master and HIS faith in RAma Naama. Sri Madhurageethams were rendered celebrating Sri Hanuman Ji and HIS steadfast devotion towards LORD Rama. Naama chanting continued which was releasing supreme joy of energy and happiness in Namadwaar Dallas. Our gratitude to Sri Swamiji for bestowing us the absolute divine energy, in the form of chanting of Divine Name, which is the Heart and soul of our Sri Swamiji HIMSELF and also celebrating Sri Hanuman Ji, whose life was another glowing testament of chanting the glory of God’s name. A perfect day to Kick-off the NEW YEAR 2022!
The Satsang culminated with Naama Anthem followed by HArathi. About 15 devotees participated in the Hanumath Jayanthi Satsang in Namadwaar Dallas.
Prayers to our Sri Swamiji to bless us with Divine names in our lips ever.

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