Akshaya Trithiya Celebration with Radha Kalyanam in Dallas Namadwaar

Akshaya Trithiya was celebrated with Radha Kalayanam in Namadwaar, Dallas on April 17th evening. Smt Banu Shiva, the Plano GK teacher along with her students performed the Radha Kalyanam starting with  ekavakyam, pundareekam, Thodayamangalam, Guru kirtans paying obeisance to the Sathguru and the Lordship, ashtapathis (19, 22,23,24), tharangam, choornikai, pravaram, mangalashtakam, alokayE, saaketha nilayaaya, pavammana and ended with pundareekam and ekavaakyam. These kids have been learning Ashtapathis every Ekadasi for the past couple of years via. teleconference. Though it was a weekday, around 40 or more kids along with their parents took part in the joyous event with enthusiasm.

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