Namadwaar, Dallas Celebrates its Fourth Anniversary with Sri Radha Kalyanam

By the immense grace of Sri Madhuri Sakhi sametha Sri Premika Varadan and our Sri Swamiji, Namadwaar Dallas was blessed to celebrate its anniversary by chanting the Divine names on March 1st, 2022. The ambiance at Namadwaar was brimming with absolute bliss exuding deep gratitude, revering the Divine Grace for bestowing us with the place of worship. About 12 families participated in the chanting via zoom while a few of the devotees chanted at Namadwaar.

Again, on March 19th, devotees came together at Namadwaar to celebrate its’ fourth anniversary during Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanthi with Sri Radha Kalyanam.

The event commenced in the morning with offering Poorna Kumbham for our divine couple Sri Madhurisakhi and Sri Premika Varadhan. They were then adorned with garlands in unjal and it was such a divine sight to see.

Mother Meera Abode was brimming with bhagavatas eagerly participating in the Radha Kalyana Padhathi that began with Thodaya Mangalam, invocation of Gurus followed by Ashatpadis bhajan, Namavalis and Geethams.

Just before Kalyana Ashtapadi, Seer varisai were offered to the divine couple followed by singing Churnikaa, Pravaram, Kanyadhaanam, Mangalaashtakam and Pooppandhu keertan which was relished by one and all.
As a grand finale, the satsang families came together in unison to celebrate Maangalyadhaaranam singing Tharangam and Madhurageethams.
It was such a memorable celebration and we can’t thank our master enough for showering His grace for such a blissful day. Around 70 devotees joined the divine celebration.

Our Gratitude to Sri Swamiji for bestowing us with Divine Namadwaar and the opportunity to Celebrate HIM. Prayers to our Sri Swamiji to bestow us with more satsangs to celebrate HIM with Gratitude.


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