Bhagavatha Dharma Retreat in Seattle, WA

After a series of satsangs in Mid-West and East Coast, Sri Ramanujamji headed to West Coast and arrived in Seattle on November 1st 2012. Seattle GOD chapter was blessed with a beautiful Bhagavatha Dharma retreat on a lake-front premise near Lake Washington in Seattle. The two day retreat commenced on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012, and concluded on Sunday, November 4th, 2012. Sri Ramanujamji guided the retreat programs and enthralled everyone with the divine nectar of Bhagavatha Dharma.

The families arrived at the retreat venue around 8PM. Once dinner was made, it was offered to the lord and later partaken by the devotees. Sri Ramanujamji then began the retreat on a high note with a wonderful one hour discourse on the first verse of Kaliyaiyum Bali Kollum and its significance and the first day of retreat concluded with Dolotsovam.

On Sunday morning, all the devotees assembled at 6AM in the morning. The divine name Hari was recited seven times followed by Gajendra Sthuthi. Next, it was time for Prabadhonam [waking up the lord]. Sri Ramanujamji led the group in singing the Prabhodhanam kirtans and slokas. The Lord was woken up, washed, offered milk, bathed and decorated.

Every family was blessed with pictures of Sri Madhura Sakhi sametha Sri Premika Varahdan and Sri Swamiji. Archana was then performed to the altars with Ashtottara Namavalis. The devotees then split into two groups with one group focusing on lunch preparations while the other group started to practice drama skit on Pundaleeka’s charithram . After lunch, Pundaleeka’s charithram was presented by all adult devotees to Sri Ramanujamji and the children. On Sunday evening, Sri Ramanujamji answered spiritual questions along with a Madhurasmriti session. Devotees then engulfed in a blissful Divya Namam followed by a Hanumath smaranam session which included a Vada Mala for Lord Hanuman. Dinner followed by dolotsavam concluded the beautiful retreat leaving all devotees thirsty for more such retreats.

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