Birthday with Nama at Texas

Date: 28 Feb 2009
Time: 6am to 6pm
Event: Akhanda Mahamantra Kirtan
Venue: Sri Sriram, Smt Nisha’s and Madhuraji’s resience, Texas.

It was the day when Madhura turned 2 years and the parents and the little Madhura decided to celebrate the birthday with Nama. Mahamantra Kirtan started at 6am. Until 10:30am, Nishaji and Sriramji took turns to chant Mahamantra when the devotees started showing up to continue the Mahamantra relay. Throughout the day about 40-45 devotees had come and chanted anywhere from 30 minutes to about 7 hrs depending on their convenience.

About 15 kids took part in the kids program from 3pm to 5pm. About 30 people took part in the last half hour of Mahamantra chanting. The satsang concluded with the bhajan ‘Anjayena Anjaneya Rama’ and harathi.

It is said that the elders in Gokulam who came to take part in the Nandotsavam after Lord Sri Krishna’s birth, threw  the sacred rice (akshadai) upon themselves seeking long life to see and enjoy Krishna Leelas. Similarly, all the elders who came to bless Madhura on her birthday, took blessings from Lord Sri Krishna and Sri Guru by chanting Mahamantra.

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