Chala Pandarila Jaavu – 3 Day Event by Sri Poornimaji in Raleigh, NC

By the immense blessings of our Swamiji and Madhuri Sakhi Samedha Premikavaradan, we had the fortune to celebrate the Sadhus of Pandarpur through a 3 day festival “Chala Pandarila Jaavu” which was graced by Katha series rendered by Poornima Ji.

We started Day 1 of the event with Ashtapadi recital by kids which was followed by listening to the katha of Sant Eknath Maharaj. We were truly moved & provoked listening to the Bhakti Bhava & it was a wonderful & divine evening spent. It was concluded by Mangala harati. Thanks to Smt Vidya ji & Sri Hari Ganapathy ji for being the hosts of the evening.

Day 2 of “Chala Pandarila Jaavu” fest started with Gopakuteeram kids reciting Vasudevashtakam, Bhakti Yoga, Maithreem Bhajata and singing few Madhurageetams. It was followed by Katha of Sant Namadev Maharaj by Poornima Ji! Ahaaa, what a bhaktan, all of us were truly blessed for being there & hearing the katha and aspire to get some qualities as him! We had devotees from Virginia who joined us and graced the event! Thanks to Smt Vidya ji & Sri Vikram Thommandru ji for being the hosts of the evening.

Day 3 of “Chala Pandarila Jaavu” started with “Yatra to Pandari” (carnival games) for the kids having Pandari Sadhus as the theme. During their yatra to Pandari, there were different levels where kids were supposed to complete, upon completion of their yatra, they were eligible for winning the prizes. It was a fun way for them to learn about the Sadhus of Pandharpur which they thoroughly enjoyed. Further, we had Musical concert rendered by Smt Maithrei Shastri who sang few Krishna kirtans & abhangs composed by Sant Tukaram Maharaj. Followed by which, we had Sant Tukaram Maharaj Katha by Poornima Ji. She also beautifully explained the importance of Nama! We had Gopakuteeram kids who performed a play on Pandharpur Sadhus. They got dressed up like the Sadhus and each one of them played their part so well! We concluded the evening by Warkari Yatra where all the ladies danced along with singing abhangs on Lord Panduranga. It was really nice to see all the Ladies in Navvari Saree (Style of draping Nine Yards in Maharashtra), Men in Kurta Pyjama along with Pheta (Style of Turban popularly known as Topi).

In all, we learnt as to how great saints were Sant Eknath Maharaj, Sant Namdev Maharaj & Sant Tukaram Maharaj, how they always stuck to Nama Japa in however happy or difficult times they were in, never complained and kept their devotion higher and higher. Our heartfelt gratitude to Poornima ji to give us that Bhakti rasa all the 3 days through her katha. Also, special thanks to Virginia devotees to have joined us in making this event a grand one. Our Namaskarams to the lotus feet of our Guru Maharaj to bless us with well being and more and more Satsangs!

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