Discourse on ‘Divine Name: Path to Happiness’ in Fairfax,VA

On October 28th 2017, Saturday evening Shri Poornimaji gave a discourse at the Sri Venkateswara Lotus temple in DC area on Divine name – Path to happiness. Yes, it was about chanting the Lords divine names and how it is as powerful as the Lord himself. She reiterated as to how this is the simplest way to attain the lord, especially in this kaliyuga where it’s full of doshas and it’s hard to lead a peaceful life, This namasankirtan can annihilate the ill effects of kali and give a happy life in this world and beyond. She explained the possible obstacles that one can face in any other path to attain the lord and how Nama Sankitran does not have any prerequisite nor restrictions. This path has been followed by many Mahans, and She also sited instances from their life history. All the devotees who attended were inspired to chant the nama. The Satsang concluded with aarthi.

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