Ekadasi Satsang at Mansfield, MA

A Nama Sankirtan satsang was performed at the reisdence of Mrs. Ranjani Rajashekar and Sri Rajashekar at their new residence in Mansfield MA on the Ekadasi day – Saturday, 18th July, 2009.

Mahamantra Kirtan was followed by a few Bhajans and then followed Kunti Stuti recital from Srimad Bhagavatam.

Then Nithyaji spoke on the greatness of a Guru quoting from Namdev’s life history.  Then Narayananji said that a satsang has to have two components – Katha Sravanam and Nama Sankirtanam. He narrated  King Bali’s story and spoke on the greatness of Nama Sankirtan.

The satsang concluded with Prasad.

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