Events around Metro Atlanta in the month of December 2023

Nama Ruchi with Takurji : By the immense compassion and grace of Sri Swamiji, Atlanta Namadwaar bhaktas have been able to spread the joys and miracles of Nama to many families. The devotees relentlessly work towards taking Nama to different homes in and around Atlanta. In the month of December over 10.5 hrs of Nama has been chanted. Nama Ruchi has become an integral part of various celebrations. A milestone birthday, wedding anniversaries or as an occasion to offer gratitude to name a few. Devotees enthusiastically decorate their homes to welcome Sri Madhurisakhi Sametha Sri Premikavaradha Takurji. The divine couple are welcomed in with Purnakumbam and Harathi. The divine couple are seated on a beautifully bedecked seat to relish the vibrant chanting of Nama.

Nama Ruchi and Nama Biksha programs are an hour to two hours long. Along with Nama and melodious offering of Sri Madhurageetham, these programs are a treasure trove of Nama Mahima experiences shared by devotees. Devotees share their experiences in various languages making it appealing to one and all. Please click on the links below to watch Nama Mahima shared by devotees.

Sri Radha Madhava Vivah : As a part of a milestone birthday celebration, Sri Radhakalyanam was performed at a private residence. The beautiful and traditional ceremony was filled with melodic rendition of Kalyana Astapadi and Sri Madhurageetham. Over 60 people were in attendance to seek the blessings of the divine couple.

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