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Weekend Nama Chanting at the Park
By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji and Sri Premikavaradha Takurji, Atlanta Namadwaar devotees are continuing to do the weekly Nama chanting at the Alpharetta Public Park. The chanting which began as a 30min program has slowly become an hour’s program. Just as the sweet scent of flowers attracts bees, the sweet sound of chanting has begun to attract many curious onlookers. Park goers of different ages and races are enthusiastically joining the group of Atlanta Namadwaar devotees to chant Nama and dance to the melodious tunes.



Click on the link below to catch a glimpse of the beautiful and joyous chanting.

Nama Biksha and Nama Ruchi
Along with Nama Biksha, Nama Ruchi program was introduced to take Nama to more people. By Sri Swamiji’s grace, as a part of the Nama Ruchi program, devotees are now blessed with an opportunity to welcome the divine couple our Utsavar – Sri Madhurisakhi Sametha Sri Premikavaradha Takurji to their homes and chant Nama in their divine presence. Nama Ruchi programs are 1-2 hours long. During the Nama Ruchi program, devotees; adults and kids share the greatness of Nama. Nama Mahima experiences are shared in different languages to reach out to more and more people. During one of the Nama Ruchi programs 13 year old Kum Akshara spoke about the greatness of Nama and also offered Kirtans on Nama Mahima like “Namam ondre podhume”, “Nam Hari Ka Gayenge” and “Nama Mahimayai” to name a few. This month over 10 hours of Nama chanting has been completed with over 200 people in attendance across different homes. : Nama Mahima in Hindi by Sri Raghu ji : Nama Mahima in Tamil by Sri Kishore ji

Nikunjotsavam and Radhakalyanam
Atlanta Namadwaar devotees were invited to perform Radhakalyanam at a private residence. The ceremony was filled with beautiful singing of Sampradaya Bhajans and Kirtans along with all the festivities for the divine ceremony. Many new families attended the celebration.

With Sri Swamiji’s grace, Nikunjotsavam was celebrated at the residence of a devotee. Kum. Srinidhi made a beautiful rendition of various Sri Madhuragitam. Kum. Srinidhi was accompanied by Chi. Prahlad on mridangam and Chi Balaram on Harmonium. The melodious evening concluded with the anthem – Kali Ka Bhi Kare Samhar and Harathi. Over 50 people attended the program

Please click on the link below to watch the beautiful offering

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