“Five Elements” Youth Camp in Houston Namadwaar — July 2013

By Sri Swamiji’s grace, the Gopa Kuteeram “Five Elements” Youth Camp, for kids aged 10-15 years was conducted from July 11-14  2013 (Thursday to Sunday) from 2 to 8 pm. Eighteen kids participated and they were all very enthusiastic about the camp, enjoyed it thoroughly, and learned a lot of new and interesting concepts. A number of activities and workshops were conducted, many of them by expert volunteers.
The primary activities were:
1. Prayer and Nama  and emphasis on the importance of prayer and prayer as a service was stressed. The kids were 6-3-2 meditation.
2. Presentation about the Five Elements, their nature, creation and their relationship was presented to the kids. 
3. Presentation titled “Who Has Seen God?” on Mahatmas around India.
4. Digital Storytelling workshop where the children created a short video (in a few hours over 2 days) with narration about each of the five elements – conducted by Rashmi Chhetri (doctoral student from University of Houston)
5. Session on Earth and Recycling Waste – by Sherwin Sun from “Keep Pearland Beautiful” organization.
6. Cooking workshop – by Ms.Surabi Veeraragavan
7. Canvas Painting workshop – by Ms.Ishani Kulkarni
8. Yoga workshop – by Ms.Hasita Kartick
9. Field trip to Brazos Bend State Park and George Observatory — The children went on a field trip to view planets/stars through telescope.
10. Song and Skit on Five Elements (both written by Australia GOD) – by Mrs.Nalini Sadagopan
11. Treasure hunt & Games
12. Cricket – by Sri.Mahesh Ramanathan
During the final end-of-camp presentation for parents, the children had a Q&A session with Sri Ramanujamji and were very happy to have their questions answered by him.
All the parents were very happy with the camp and gave very positive feedback about the program.
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