GOD Booth at Seattle Fair

The University of Washington Street Fair is an annual event that is conducted for people in the greater Seattle area to disseminate community information and share arts, crafts, music and food.    With more than 400 different groups manning booths, this year, being the 40th, the fair was held on the 16th and 17th of May.

A GOD banner atop the canopy of Booth #3 identified our location which had the vantage to attract more crowds, being at one of the ends.

The crowd was mostly Caucasian with a decent mix of other nationalities (Chinese, African Americans, Mexicans, Indians, etc.).  A large portion of the crowd was either students or families with small children.

A few of our mission’s publications were put on display.  A dart game was also on our booth, the winners of which were given free snack.  This attracted a large number of people to the booth, and that in-turn gave extra face time with everyone allowing us to explain our ideals and activities to inquisitive visitors.

The visitors were excited to learn about Nama Meditation, which engages the mind unlike conventional techniques which leave the mind idle at the risk of it getting restless quickly.  Interested people were also informed about the local weekly satsangs.

Mahamntra CDs were handed out to all the interested visitors.  In addition, brochures of GOD’s vision and goals and a flyer with local satsang information was given out.  A few were also happy to give their email IDs to be kept in touch in case of any Nama-meditation events.

It was indeed a wonderful opportunity to reach out to more than 150 people and talk about the mission and goals.

Click here for a slide show of the event photographs

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