Gopa Kuteeram Annual Day Celebration, Boston MA

The Boston Gopa Kuteeram is a team of 35 children spread across 3 locations – Acton, Hopkinton, and rest-of-Boston.  During the course of the year, they learnt Vasudevashtakam, Nadhi Stothram, and Gopika Geetham in addition to stories of umpteen Mahatmas and from our scriptures.

 On last Saturday, 27th April, the three groups of Boston Gopa Kuteeram (namely Acton, Hopkinton and ‘rest-of-Boston’) came together to celebrate their annual day.  By Sri Guruji’s grace, the annual day was a grand success.

Each of the 35 kids made their own Mantapams to house their Premika-Varadhan-Madhuri Sakhi which were distributed to them 4 months ago.  Everyday, each kid performed Dolotsav and Prabodhanam with milk and Mahamantra without fail.  And on this day, they celebrated Radha Kalyanam in the Mantapam that they tastefully built and decorated for this event.

Earlier, the Tamil Class students rendered Tirukkural and performed a Villupaattu on Sri Guruji’s Vedanta Aathichoodi in Tamizh.  The Gopa Kuteeram children performed a play on Govardhan Lila and Govinda Pattabhishekam.  This was followed by Divya Nama Sankirtan led by children, that included Gopika Gitam and other Madhura Gitams.

Then as the elder Bhagavatas sat down to sing sampradaya kirtans to commence Radha Kalyanam for the Boston Premika-Varadan-Madhuri-Sakhi couple.  The kids also settled in front of their Premika Varadhan and performed Pooja to the divine couple with arghyam-padhyam and archana.  Then after Kalyana Ashtapadi, the children also offered Mangalya charadu to Madhuri Sakhi.

 Overall, the 150 devotees who witnessed the unique Radha Kalyanam felt blessed to be part of this event.  Every parent and onlooker appreciated the practical application of what was learnt in Gopa Kuteeram both at the annual day event and on a day-to-day basis.

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