Gopa Kuteeram at Woburn MA

On Sunday, January 24th, at around 6:30 pm a Gopa Kuteeram program was arranged at the residence of Mrs. Nithya Rajesh and Sri Rajesh at Woburn, MA in which Sri Ramanujamji participated.

Kids ranging from 4 to 10 years beautifully recited various slokas and also staged a skit on “Gajendra Moksham”.  While the narration was done by Ms. Manasa Ravi, the kids enacted the play in a beautiful manner.

Later all the kids were awarded comic books and certificates by Sri Ramanujamji.

This was followed by a  program for adults.  Here Ramanujamji  addressed about 20 people and spoke on the power of attention. An interesting discussion session followed the short talk.

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