Gopakuteeram Year End Celebrations in Dallas

Gopakuteeram sessions in Dallas are conducted in Plano, Frisco and Coppell areas. This year’s program came to an end with a grand finale on May 2016. About 30 kids participated in the GopaKuteeram Plano’s year end program that spanned across 3 weeks. Starting with Ramayanam workshop – kids recited Namramayanam, Hanuman Chalisa, Ekashloki ramayanam, values that can be imbibed and put to practice from Ramayanam, and games related to Ramayanam theme (mark the Rama’s path on India map, find the lost ring of Rama via egg hunt, carry Sanjeevani mountain, leadership and team building, quiz and dumb-charades). Thee rest of the sessions were packed with presentations by kids, all based on what they learnt in Gopakuteeram all through the year – Harikatha on bhaktas, importance of learning and reciting shlokas everyday, how teachings from bhagavad gita can be applied in our daily lives, madhuragitams, stuthis from Srimad bhagavatam, science and spirituality, and shloka-song recitals.

There were many fun programs like interactive quiz on Kahoot in Frisco Gopakuteeram year end celebrations, where students participated with their devices. Each participating student got a GK certificate and a memento of a small pot with seed. They were asked to water consistently and grow the plant with the belief that Bakthi should also grow like that with chanting of Mahamantra.

Year end Gopakuteeram performances were celebrated in a grand manner in Coppell. The children also went on a picnic to a nearby park and many activities were conducted and the kids truly enjoyed the year end celebrations. Certificates were distributed to all the kids.

Children had a fun filled year and are eagerly look forward to 2016-2017 batch.

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