‘Govinda Damodara Madhavethi’ – 3 Day Lecture Series in Richmond, VA

Virginia satsang devotees were drenched in blissful satsangs led by Sri Ramanujamji from October 10th to 13th 2014.
Sri Ramanujamji delivered a 3-day lecture series on ‘Govindha Damodara Madhavethi’ at Hindu Center of Virginia from October 11th to 13th 2014. Sri Ramanujamji started off by highlighting the “Glory of Saguna Bhakthi” and how greatest of the Mahatmas drenched themselves in the ocean of Bhakthi Marga through their enchanting Bhavas. He gradually transcended the Bhava of each and every listener to the Divine land of Gokulam to witness the Leelas of our “Sweet and Simple – Damodhara” who sealed the great Namazhwar in Bhava Samadhi for six months.

On the second day, the paramount of all Krishna Leelas was expounded in the sweetest of words which engrossed the listeners and made them spell-bound at the Compassion of “Govindha – The Protector”. Sri Ramanujamji also touched upon Vibeeshana Sharanagathi and Brahma Mohana Leela to make the devotees understand how Bhagavan will accept us albeit our shortcomings. He concluded with an emphasis on Govindha Nama Mahima which inspired the Virgina satsang members to organize a Nama Saptaham around the time of Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi Mahotsav.
It was indeed a rarest of rare fortune for all the devotees who were blessed to listen about the “Maadhurya Bhaava”of Radha Devi towards Madhava – The Divine Attractor on the concluding day of the three day lecture series. Blissful four days of Satsang thus culminated with precious Prema Bhakthi of our Brindavan Gopis towards their most beloved Krishna. Dinner Prasad was served to all devotees. About 120 devotees participated in Katha Sharavanam through 4 days.

On all 4 days, parayanam of Srimath Bagavatham’s Dasama Skandha was conducted in mornings at houses of fortunate devotees. On all days, around 30-40 Bhagavathas actively participated in parayanam.

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