Ground Breaking Satsangs in Louisville,Kentucky

By Bhagavan and Guru Maharaj’s grace, the first satsang GOD USA had the first satsang in Louisville Kentucky by Sri Poornimaji on Tuesday-Wednesday March 13-14, 2018

Though it was only a short 2-day Satsang, one could thoroughly witness divine grace. More than 40+ devotees were blessed to attend the Sundara Kandam lectures – that too on weekday evenings.
Sri Poornimaji’s discourse was nectarine. The greatness of Nama Sankirtan was beautifully elucidated by Sri Poornimaji in the two day discourse.

Thanks to the KY Hindu Temple for providing the venue and the devotees for pulling together everything in such a short notice.
The devotees and the temple management are happy to host a longer program in the early future.

Going forward we shall have weekly Mahamantra satsangs in Louisville KY.

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