Guru -Kalpataru & Beyond and Margazhi Satsang

Date: Jan 7, 2010 6pm EST
Venue: Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple
Topic:  Guru – Kalpataru and Beyond

Sri Ramanujamji explanined in detail how important Guru is in one’s life. Sri Kabir Das in one of his Dohas said that he had a problem in his eye that made him see every thing in this world as two. He went to a doctor called Guru and got Guru Krupa as the collyrium. When this was applied, it made him see every thing as one. Ramanujamji beautifully explained that if one has the grace of a guru, there is nothing better he can get in his life. All the 25 devotees who participated in the event enjoyed his speach and listened with rapt attention.

Date: Jan 11 2010, 6:30pm
Venue: Residence of Madhangopalji, FL
Topic: Special satsang for the Tamil month of Margazhi.

It being the Tamil month of Margazhi, Sri Ramanujamji gave a delightful talk on Tirupaavai. The event started with Mahamantra and he went on to explain the importance of Namakirtan.

Sri Ramanujamji explained the verse that goes ‘koodaarai vellum seer govinda…’ to highlight Sri Krishna’s grace on his devotees. He also explained the greatness of satsang using this verse. The satsang ended with Mahamantra.

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