Guru Poornima at Houston Namadwaar

Guru Poornima was celebrated wonderfully at the Houston Namadwaar with 12 hours of Akhanda Mahamantra kirtan in the presence of the Holy Padukas of HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. The Akhanda Mahamantra kirtan started at 7 AM and went on continuously until 7 PM. Adults as well as children participated enthusiastically in the chanting as energy levels ran high within the Namadwaar.

A Guru Poornima special Gopa Kuteeram that emphasized the glory of the SadGuru was conducted for kids in the forenoon. In the evening, the Akhanda Nama kirtan concluded with Sri Swamiji’s Kaliyaiyum Bali Kollum song. This was followed by the Madhurasmaranam discourse DVD presentation by Dr. Bhagyanathanji, personal secretary to HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, where he spoke about the significance of Guru Poornima, the importance of a Guru, and about the glories of our own Guru Maharaj. As “Madhurasmaranam” implies, remembering our Guru Maharaj and His greatness was indeed extremely sweet, and it was a great Guru Poornima present for us devotees who thirst to hear more and more about His glories.

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