Guru Poornima Celebrations:  Seattle, WA, USA

The Guru Poornima celebrations were performed in the residence of Sri Balasubramanian and Ms. Priya Balasubramanian in Seattle on the 19th of July, 2008.

The satsang was attended by more than 35 devotees.

The session began at 4 pm with Rama Naama Sankeerthanam followed by Pancha Gitam recital by Ms. Sridevi and Ms. Priya.  This was followed by Venu Geetham and Pranaya Geetham which was succeeded by a short discourse on Bhagavatha Mahima and Pancha Gitams by Sri. Murali.  

Sri. Narayanaswamy then presented a short lecture on Kali Dharma Undhiyar which was followed by a recital of the 30 verses.  This was rendered in a ‘jugalbandhi format’ where the women folk recite verse number 1, the men recite verse number 2, followed by the women and so on.  
We then had 2 bhajans – one led by Smt. Anupama Subramanian called Radha Lola and then the second one, Gurunathan Vaazhi (Kilikanni) led by Ms. Priya.  This was followed by Nrithi’s rendering of ‘Chella Killiye’ song.  

The hour and a half long satsang was wrapped up with Rama Nama Sankeerthanam,   Dheeparadhanai and distribution of ‘Paanagam’ to everyone present.  Some devotees then went on to listen to the lecture by Sri. Ramanujam that evening.

In stark contrast to the last year’s Guru Poornima celebration, which was our first celebration in the seattle area when only a handful of devotees were present, today, the number of devotees in the satsang have grown tremendously, and the satsangs are being held in the Seattle area very regularly.

To participate in the Seattle area satsangs, enroll in the google group: seattle-namadwaar

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