“Hanumath Prabhav” – 2-day discourse series at Bharatiya Cultural Society of Alberta

May 23 – May 24 2016: 2 day discourse on “Hanumath Prabhav” at Bhartiya Cultural Society of Alberta.
On the first day Sri Poornimaji highlighted Hanuman Ji’s quality of an expert, yet humble “vidyavAn” to clarify that one’s mastery over grammar, shastras or intellect alone won’t come and save us at the last minute, but humility and devotion will. Poornimaji connected with the audience by illustrating how Sugriva went from a 0 to a 100 and Ravana went from a 100 to 0 through their treatment of our beloved Hanuman Ji. On the concluding day Sri Poornimaji highlighted how Hanuman Ji teaches us 3 ways to deal with obstacles based on the situation – through His encounters with mainAk parvat (Diplomacy), snake surasA (presence of mind and intelligence) and daemon simhikA (putting an end to the conflict).Sri Poornimaji beautifully depicted Hanuman Ji as the Guru by showing how He helped the uttamjeevatmA Seetha Matha get back to paramatmA Sri Ramachandra using a deeply philosophical yet easy to understand style of delivery.

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