Houston Madhurageetham Devotional Music Competition – Dec 2017

On Sunday, December 24th 2017, a Madhurageetham devotional music competition was held at Houston Namadwaar, for all ages based on the compositions of HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji.

The competition saw enthusiastic participation by children, and they were also inspired to learn and understand the meanings of the songs they were rendering. They were blessed to render their songs in the presence of Sri Premika Varadan and Madhuri Sakhi at Namadwaar.

The judges Smt. Sridevi Josyula, Smt. Nalini Sadagopan and Smt. Rajalakshmi Ganapathiraman wonderfully encouraged the children while emphasizing on the devotional aspect and understanding/appreciating the lyrics. About 25 children participated in the competition that had three different age categories – 8 and under, 9-11 and 12 and above. All children learned Sri Swamiji’s songs and rendered them. Some little children presented different Namavalis.

The emcee, Smt. Uma Gomathi, also conducted a very informative musical quiz based on the stories behind different saints’ compositions. There was also a dumb charades session based on Sri Swamiji’s kirtans. Overall it was a fun and interesting day for all the children and the audience too.

The winners of the competition were Dhrithi Balaji, Ananya Hariharasudhan, Pranav Sriram and Malavika Dwarakanath in Subjuniors; Madhura Sriram, Keerthana Venkataraman, Kritika Dwarakanath and Harini Ganesh in Juniors; and Bharat Salvady and Shweta Srinivasan in Senior group.

The first place winners performed in the presence of Sri Poornimaji, on the evening of Nikunjotsavam, during the Houston Madhura Utsav on Dec 28 2017. They were all also blessed to receive their awards from Poornimaji that evening.

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